Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool Day's

Hi all, what can I say about April1st 2010, yes.. April fool.

My friends and I been planning to do this since last year.. But never really have the chances to do so.
Now I can’t stop laughing as we really fool them on April fool, forgive us, but its fun.
Want to know what we did, well we just send them an Invitation to a wedding, who and who the bride and groom, but of course “Me and Au Yeong” hahahaha.. I wish I can see their face or reaction.. and Au Yeong sure have the privilege to see “as I’m in the east Malaysia – Sarawak”

And yes I and the others received a multiple string of an email after the invitation in their hand or in their email. Lol

My friends please forgive us, (Au Yeong, Me, Ciavin) we just wanna say GOTCHA!