Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Chiling River Trip May 1st, 2009. ~ Part 1~

So MY 1st trip (hiking & water fall trip) after so many years staying in west Malaysia. Instead fly off to Sabah for Mount Kinabalu, my friend and I decided for this trip.

Our Original Plan.. hahaha

But at 6.00am – start our journey from Au Yeong – Apartment

Around 7am – Breakfast at Rawang, NEXT stop at the TEMPLE in Rawang area. Can’t really remember the name. Will ask Au yeong or Ciavin for it.. TEMPLE : - Golden Dragon Buddhist Temple

Snap shot at the TEMPLE

From here it took us about 45 minute to the Chiling Water Fall.

On our way to chilling water fall, we stop for a few minute at the Selangor Dam for SUN RISE.. Good view.. here few snap for you.

And a candid too.. see Au yeong and Ciavin.. and me.. hmm like filming a movie.. hahaha

We continue our journey to the destination.

end of Part ONE!

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babyphoenix said...

looks fun man...