Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DRIVER from HELL and/or Just STUPID

YES I know! We Malaysia, Everything BOLEH! But that doesn’t mean we can be RUDE and/or being STUPID on the road So again,actually I encounter this Million of time here **#$#@!

After drop off my cousin at the AIRPORT around 6.40am..Was heading straight to my office here in Putrajaya. Due to you know RUSH hour, they speed off like F1 car’s.. but to me this ASS HOLE.. ignoring the safety of others on the ROAD!.

Somewhere on the T junction (KLIA/NILAI/ PUTRAJAYA).. one of the So call ASS HOLE cut the long Q at the T junction ( where the Traffic Light turn GREEN on Our side) straight like... see the picture I draw..


Joan D'Arcy said...

wah!!! booletahan ... boledraw the whole incidts.. ((sollyy, myy wireless keboard is SOT! cilakak)

bah, bila mau ajak makan nasi kuning niw?? mau pi Limbang baaa

Nicholian Justine said...

hahaha.. mesti pandai la celine.. errmmm nasi kuning?? i normally eat nasi putih jak ooo... apa mcm??? hahaha