Thursday, December 11, 2008

Countdown 36 Days to Annual Dinner

Hey.. I think I’m gonna spoil the bolt from the blue thingy.. but I can’t help it.. so here a few NOT final backdrops.. for the PUTRAJAYA PERDANA ANNUAL DINNER 2009..

Like 2008 Annual Dinner :) luck me.. I won a lucky draw.. Top 4.. so to say got a brand NEW LAPTOP ~ NEC.. hahaha and then double up the joy I won the BEST DRESS ~-_-~ yeah!!!

Dont ask me why the picture like that.. memang la.. so that SARAH/CIAVIN still in the dark about the design.. hahaha


JiaJia said...

wa wa.. nice leh..justine.. err i mean the card okie~ i prefer the 2nd one.. cheers ~

Nicholian Justine said...

hehehe.. P&C la.. u close ur eyeS!!!

Linx said...

hehehe what ya mean by in the dark?? I am seeing it crystal clear... ^^