Saturday, December 27, 2008

27/12/2008 ~ 3rd Day of Christmas

my brothers & sisters.. talking about books they bought from the MV Doulos

just a moment ago/or evening aroung 5.30pm.. my family and i visited the MV DOULOS ~ biggest floating Library in the world.. as this will be the LAST time we all see it.. as they will scraps the ships soon.. :( .. it goes by 4 different names.. "cant remember it" really..

hmmm i'm have to go to bed now.. kinda sleeppy.. from all the activities..
1. stay over nite at LUNDU ~ a resort~ 26-27/12/2008
2. BBQ at my cousin house @ LUNDU ~ yesterday evening..26/12/2008
3. Visiting my sister-in-law house "for Christmas" ~ today
4. Visit the Fairy Cave ~ BAU district~ today
5. Visit the Wind Cave ~ BAU district~ today
6. Visit MV DOULOS ~ Kuching/Pending area ~ today
7. BBQ at my cousin house @ BDC, Stampin Kuching ~ today
8. Now @ home and wanna ZZZzzzzZZZ
GOOD Nite.. will post all the picture taken by tomorrow..

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