Wednesday, November 19, 2008


2008 almost over.. hehehe there’s 42 days to go… was thinking of what I have achieve/miss/happen in my life so far.. hmm let’s see..

1. Great Job (minus the D head I want to smack)

2. Great BONUS hahaha plus increment (waiting for this year hint~hint~)

3. Found new friends GOOD one.. (namely Au Yeong san, Ciavin san, Sarah san, Rosmizah san, zie, su, lela and many more)

4. Got FREE laptop ~ NEC versa ~ annual dinner 2008 (lucky draw)

5. Family ~ HAPPY 24/7~ love you mom and dad.

6. I got crazy siblings (CRAZY, I don’t mean INSANE) funky, cool, and they ROCK….

7. I’m home ALONE , while they enjoy themselves in LONDON for a MONTH ~ I think~ (this I hate)

8. My grandpa passed away end of april 2008.

9. Few of my friendssss END their Single life (that’s JOE, Chin, & many more).

10. My ½ went to Japan.( all by myself now! BEHAVE yourself OK!)

11. Sometime Au Yeong “pinjam” my LUCKy STAR.. now and then both of us “lost” d lucky star..

12. Waiting .. waiting.. for my SIS to tie-a-knot.. hahahaha

13. Xmas 2008… yeah in KUCHING.. ya bi da bi dooo..

Hmmm… cant think any more… CHEERS! People..


Linx said...

This year looks kinda good for you pal! lolz!!! So whats your new year resolution?

Nicholian Justine said...

hnmmm... still think one leh... |-_-|!

babyphoenix said...

lol.. few SINGLE friends end their single life.. namely JOE.. kasi BOLD lagi.. ;p

havent been update my blog, ya.. i knw ur gonna say that.. ;p procrastinating.. i knoww...


Nicholian Justine said...

hahaha.. good point.. :).. yalor amy u aaaaa.. last time sya yg ketinggalan nie... skrg ko lagi..