Thursday, July 17, 2008


Nothing much happen this week.. Except.. Work, work, work and work.. but I do piss of with one of the TRAINING PROVIDER here in KL.. … you render your training services to my company.. FYI.. you agree to be flexible in term of last minute cancellation or postponed “reason would be ya da. Ya da. Ya da” and other thingy might cross the road. Happen that my side got tie-up with urgent mattersssss, that I need to look into… and again you as “Training Provider” AGREEEEEEE to be flexible AS STATED in your contract… you CALL ME “UNPROFESSIONAL” and ask me to put myself on your SHOE… OI mak cik.. mangkuk btul.. how many shoeeeee I need to put on??! You tell me.. b.#.@.$.*... During S.P Promise heaven and earth.. Everything CAN… go to H33J la you… :)

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