Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kicking A** today..

I’m Piss Off and furious… that’s my mood today..

You’re complaining that we do not know how to do our WORK??!!!.. Go to HELL with ya… we been trying saving your lazy ass and in return you tell the them that WE do not know how to do our work???!!!.. without us you're NOTHING!

YOU been in the meeting, day in day out… came back to the department with your mouth full of shit!! NOT a single word to keep us posted/update.. When we asked you what going on? YOU said nothing happen… and yet they asked you to do A and you inform us to do C … A and C brings different meaning sh**#@#.

and ya... you put the blame on US!!


Joan D'Arcy said...

cool down, buddy! *shheshh* siram pakai chilled beer.. :)

babyphoenix said...

breath justine.. breath..

Take it easy tiger. Jan tension sangat. Nanti cepat tua geng.