Monday, July 07, 2008

Hang Out..

Well yesterday.. me and my cousin.. hang out at the KL city center.. and the night before.. rite after the sunset mass at Sacred Heart Church, Peel Road. We lay’parking a.k.a “Lepak” at Bangsar, there’s a bar hmmm an Irish bar.. Bangsar is NOT "that" happening as before I mean back in 1998, 1999… its kinda DEAD now.. “sorry didn’t take photo”..

Going back to what I said b4.. I did took a few photo of the city centre.. and LUPA wanna transfer the pix.. mb tomorrow I update and post it here..good thing is .. less traffic yesterday.. location : Sungei Wang or Weng, Low Yatt, Pudu Plaza “its remind me of “Karamunsing Complex”.. which part.. well the “Parking lot”… while my cousin driving.. and me… playing the camera.. it’s alpha 350 SONY.. :P
And around 5.30pm me lay’park.. with my frens- all of US.. “X-scicom” @ mid-valley.. dining @ the All Star Restaurant , chit chatting.. few friends didn’t turn up.. TEO…his BOSS called and asked him to pick up a new SERVER...OMG! it's SUNDAY for the love of GOD!… and Jack “balik kampung”.. :)..
Now Monday morning… can’t wait till it’s Saturday.. hahaha :) but have to get through Monday to Friday… hope everything gonna be OK.

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