Friday, July 25, 2008

Flying Home!!

Can I fast forward to next week??! Hahaha.. I’m looking forward to fly home “Sarawak on the 31/07/2008” aaah Home Sweet home!.. My Family doing some sort of family gathering and my brother came back from England. It’s like 2 years I didn’t met him.. so I’m flying home, but I have to spend the whole day travelling… as my air ticket from KLIA leaving at 10.05am and connection flight will be at 16.05 hours… not to worry I got all the gadget with me… hehehehe.. fu yooo…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

10 Reasons Y U should leave office at 6pm...

hehehe.. i terima this /forwarded to me DAVID LU.. another sarawakian at my work place.. but he wanna cabut d..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Almost done!

Fuhhh.. finally.. but have to wait.. :)

Friday, July 18, 2008


UPDATE MY BLOG...... will be up as normal on SUNDAY.. thanks

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Nothing much happen this week.. Except.. Work, work, work and work.. but I do piss of with one of the TRAINING PROVIDER here in KL.. … you render your training services to my company.. FYI.. you agree to be flexible in term of last minute cancellation or postponed “reason would be ya da. Ya da. Ya da” and other thingy might cross the road. Happen that my side got tie-up with urgent mattersssss, that I need to look into… and again you as “Training Provider” AGREEEEEEE to be flexible AS STATED in your contract… you CALL ME “UNPROFESSIONAL” and ask me to put myself on your SHOE… OI mak cik.. mangkuk btul.. how many shoeeeee I need to put on??! You tell me.. b.#.@.$.*... During S.P Promise heaven and earth.. Everything CAN… go to H33J la you… :)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

To YOU mom!

Happy belated birthday to you! Mom.. We love you dearly..

You gave me life,
Gave me your heart
Your shoulder when I needed to cry
You gave me hope when all my hope is gone
Wings so my dreams can fly
And I haven't told you enough
Haven't been good enough, making you see

My love for you will live in my heart
Until eternity's through....
I see your smile in the eyes of my child
I am who I am, Mama, Thanks to you

You gave me your word,
Gave me your voice
Gave me your everything,
Each breath of your life
You believe when I can never have
You teach my faith to survive
And I never can do enough
Never thank you enough, for all that you are

My love for you will live in my heart
Until eternity's through....
I see your smile in the eyes of my child
I am who I am, Mama, Thanks to you

I know the treasure, I'm filled with grace
Whenever I see your face

And I see your smile in the eyes of my child
I am who I am, Mama, Thanks to You
To you.....

Picture.. Sunday Outing

morning... as promise!
but nothing much.. :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hang Out..

Well yesterday.. me and my cousin.. hang out at the KL city center.. and the night before.. rite after the sunset mass at Sacred Heart Church, Peel Road. We lay’parking a.k.a “Lepak” at Bangsar, there’s a bar hmmm an Irish bar.. Bangsar is NOT "that" happening as before I mean back in 1998, 1999… its kinda DEAD now.. “sorry didn’t take photo”..

Going back to what I said b4.. I did took a few photo of the city centre.. and LUPA wanna transfer the pix.. mb tomorrow I update and post it here..good thing is .. less traffic yesterday.. location : Sungei Wang or Weng, Low Yatt, Pudu Plaza “its remind me of “Karamunsing Complex”.. which part.. well the “Parking lot”… while my cousin driving.. and me… playing the camera.. it’s alpha 350 SONY.. :P
And around 5.30pm me lay’park.. with my frens- all of US.. “X-scicom” @ mid-valley.. dining @ the All Star Restaurant , chit chatting.. few friends didn’t turn up.. TEO…his BOSS called and asked him to pick up a new SERVER...OMG! it's SUNDAY for the love of GOD!… and Jack “balik kampung”.. :)..
Now Monday morning… can’t wait till it’s Saturday.. hahaha :) but have to get through Monday to Friday… hope everything gonna be OK.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kicking A** today..

I’m Piss Off and furious… that’s my mood today..

You’re complaining that we do not know how to do our WORK??!!!.. Go to HELL with ya… we been trying saving your lazy ass and in return you tell the them that WE do not know how to do our work???!!!.. without us you're NOTHING!

YOU been in the meeting, day in day out… came back to the department with your mouth full of shit!! NOT a single word to keep us posted/update.. When we asked you what going on? YOU said nothing happen… and yet they asked you to do A and you inform us to do C … A and C brings different meaning sh**#@#.

and ya... you put the blame on US!!