Tuesday, June 17, 2008


14th June 2008(Saturday) – Kuching celebrated National Gawai Open House! Held at Stadium Perpaduan at 7.30pm. Themed ‘Perpaduan Melalui Kebudayaan (Segulai Sejalai)’, the open house will serve as a platform to teach the young generation and make them realise the importance of preserving and cherishing their culture and roots.

Feature cultural performances from a 49-person troop from the Lun Bawang community from Lawas and also from the Bisaya community from Limbang and the Penan community.

Bisaya community presenting three type of Gandang, Gandang Para Bay Raja Baradu, Gandang Parang and Gandang Anchayau.

Practise "Ngalai" & "Begandang" at Dewan Lagenda, Sarawak Cultural Village
Add on: - this is the FIRST time Bisaya was invited to perform in the celebration. The Kumpulan Gandang from Kampung Ukong had shown their commitment by rushing to Kuching all the way from Limbang just a day after they hosted the Nakod Babulang ceremony during the Pesta Babulang & Lumba Kerbau in Batu Danau, Limbang with very little information on from the organising committee. What they knew , they will play 3 types of Bisaya Gandang and given Only 3 minutes (which is not enough if compare to their effort, commitment and journey from North of Sarawak to South of (from one end to another end of sarawak). Due to the time limit, The dance "alai tamarok" had to be modified here and there but not away from its originality.

The dancers are all anak-anak ahli Persatuan Bisaya Sarawak cawangan Kuching of whom have both Bisaya parents or mixed parentage (Bisaya-Kelabit, Bisaya-Bidayuh, Bisaya-Iban, Bisaya-Melanau). While meeting the Kumpulan Gandang, they're not only dance the alai tamarok & alai anchayau but also very eager learning on how to play the Bisaya music instrument, a skill which most of the Bisaya youngsters' almost lost due to modernization.

Since this year’s open-house emphasised more on the Bidayuh community, there would be seven Bidayuh Kumangs and Bidayuh singers present alongside their fellow participants from the Iban and Orang Ulu communities.

“All participants will be arriving in the city in three days’ time and the dress rehearsal will be on June 12, beginning 6.30pm at the Stadium Perpaduan,” YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr) Alfred Jabu

Source: The Borneo Post_SARAWAK & My Sister "Marie Louise"

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