Thursday, June 05, 2008

Malaysia Fuel Goes UP!

Yesterday Best Picture "P16 PETRONAS STATION" next to my Office
thanks to SAN CIAVIN - photographer

Last nite, Malaysian (Putrajaya/KL) panic on the price hike of the PETROL. On my way home, from putrajaya to subang.. I can see most of the Petrol Station; pack like sardine “my friend put it that way”.

So I start to wonder and question this panic panorama.. by midnite the petrol price will be increase to RM2.70 per liter.. so correct me if I’m wrong.. try to answer this question..

1. You waste your time by Queue up for more than an hour or so, does the price going to the same tomorrow??

2. Does the petrol that you bought yesterday (4/06/2008) can last “TAHAN” for the rest of your life?? You only can save a few bucks!

3. If you can afford to buy a CAR, surely you can AFFORD “Almost” everything (Including PETROL).. RIGHT!?

I’m just like everyone else, just an average income earner. What else can we do?.. had my breakfast, and the stall owner “where I go for my breakfast” said to my cousin and I, “all my MEE naik harga but not for you” she smile at us.

In reply we said Thanks to her. p/s she’s sarawakian… :)

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