Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 (non)sensical stuffs about me.. hmmm..

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6 (non)sensical stuffs about me.. hmmm..

One: -
You can say that am workaholic.. Now most of my time "try and call me from 7.40am till 8.00pm, and u'll get the answer of "Am still in d'office" in D' office.

Two: -
Me been trying to gain extra pound.. But lose more than what I try to put on…believe me.. Whenever I'm down with fever…there u go and Justin losing few pounds..all the hard work.. put'ing few extra extra poundssss... wasted.... aaarrgh! " so never ever, dare to ask me makan byk2 or else i eat u"

Three: -
Welcome to the real world! – Amy know this… :) right ! well welcome to the real world!

I have a nephew who, copycat my baby look.. 100% if you compare my baby picture and his picture OMG!!.. Now ME as Daddy + Uncle = Undad… hahahaha :) hmm what d word d.. hmm *no idea*

Five: -
Wish I’m in KK or Sarawak right now… working.. so that I don’t have to wake up “damn” early every morning to get my butt ready… now my body natural clock got confuse where, it woke me up 5.30am which is 40 minute before the alarm BuZZZiiing… GOD HELP ME!


And I just kena VOTE as a “Social Committee” for my company Sport Club… and my responsibility is.. to Bring all the Staffs of PPCSB/PPDSB a.k.a Putrajaya Perdana Berhad.. GO CLUBING every Saturday… hahaha that my plan.. go to Zouk, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Café.. Dangdut and many more… hehehe COOL eh!


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3. Jonas
4. Leo
5. Celine

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babyphoenix said...

what? u bawa ur whole kampung (as in staff) pi clubbingggg?????? aduh.. i think u should be voted as 'pimp daddy' suda nih.. ;p