Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I sooo green-eyed right now, my mom and dad went to London. Visiting my brother Jerry. and still there till end of this month.. and so my sister and brother.. dah la ya.. siap-siap hantar gambar from there… eeeee… karate chop this people later, baru tau.. L .. original plan I join “tumpang sekaki” but some unforeseen circumstance, I have to stay back.. and eating my heart out… aarrghhh…

And yesterday my brother “Christo” extend his trip to ROME for two days, visiting my Cousin.. wawawawa.. tsk tsk tsk clearly I’m jealous.. “don’t blame me”

Sooonnnnn will be my trip... hahaha lepas tuuu jgn jealous.... :P


maslight said...

wuah ko ketinggalan ka?

Nicholian Justine said...

yup... huhuhuhu :(