Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My short trip to PD.

Hey there!
Well sorry for M.I.A for sometimes.. Promise to post something but.. but couldn’t fulfill my promise.. it just me.. J So what I been doing for the past emmm many month… basically work, sleep, hanging around in KL city and many more..Not to say that I don’t have fun no more.. It just that the distant, time and other human factor here too “lazy bump”.. if you are here you should know what that meanssssss. la
Recent activities… on Sunday.. I drag myself to join my “KAZEN” = cousins.. to PD a.k.a Port some of the photo we took… “gila-gila a bit”..

Btw. Jonas our new friend for German, an exchange student. We just tag him along every Sunday right after church, just bring all round KL and “Makan – makan” too. Jonas hope you understand what “MAKAN-MAKAN” mean/s.

i miss Amy and others... no kaki lepak / hangout.. :(...


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Jonas Bechtold said...

MAKAN-MAKAN !!! I know, this was one of the first words wich I learned in BM when I came here,a very importent word ;).