Thursday, April 10, 2008

Music Tag

I is got a music tag from massy

1. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a music fan are you?
A: 10..yup 10

2. What music genre do you listen to the most?
A: alternative, pop, RnB, Blue.. u name it

3. What is the first album you’ve ever owned?
A: hmm that will be NKOTB :)

4. Did you use to have posters of your favorite singers up on your bedroom wall when you were younger? If yes, who?
A: yes… NKOTB and MC Hammer … lol -_-!

5. Do you have any music related posters up on your wall now?
A: meaning.. used to be like wallpaper… but now.. nope..

6. Have you ever made a mix tape for anybody?
A: tape yes I do.. you want to see D collection?? hahaha

7. Who is the best artist(s) that you’ve seen live?
A: that will be “BLACK EYE PEAS” & LINKIN PARKssss … yeeeesssss

8. Name 5 artists that you want to see live.
A: GREEN DAY, NKOTB, UTADA, MANDY and and and..AKON “I miss last year concert” :(

9. What song always manages to pick you up when you’re feeling down?

10. Name 3 of the most romantic songs.
A: romantic ah.. hmm FROM THIS MOMENTS “Shania Twain, arghhh.. cant think anymore..

11. What is the best breakup song?
A: hummmm is there any??

12. What is your favorite album?
A: fave ah!... wait till any of the artist(s) use this “I HATE U,WHEN U HATE ME” as an album cover.. hahaha so this will be my fave.. hahahah

13. What is your fondest memory when it comes to music?
A: urghhh… lost in translation here

14. Bonus question for the ladies only (well, unless you men want to answer this :P): Who would you rather do? Spike from 911 or Ike from Hanson?
A: n/a

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