Thursday, April 17, 2008

Evening "Working Place"

Rainy day, again OMG!

And I’m stuck here in my office again, doing some major printing “should you call it massive printing”. I wonder how other’s can act L.L.B a.k.a Look Like Busy when they doing nothing at all.

Lucky enough, which I don’t have to meet up with target or hit some benchmark or what so ever la you call it.

Now, waiting for the copier machine to do the task. Tsk tsk tsk..wish I have my cam with me now. To show you guys how massive it is my printing.. hahahaha..

Tune in to my playlist blast it.. now I don’t care if the other department heard it or not.. wait! wait! As matter of fact… I’m all alone in this level… let me check it out… wait ah…

Yup… I’m all alone.. ok better focus on my MASSIVE PRINTING hehehehehhahaha “evil laugh”

for those still working "all D Best"... and MONDAY A.G.M!..

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