Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do i know How to play d SAPE

i dont know you.. but me.. totally clueless playing SAPE..

In D House :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

CAVE ~ Fairy & Wind ~

at the opening of the Fairy Cave ~ BAU ~
this lead you to the main chamber of the fairy cave..

and this on our way to Wind Cave..
distance between the two cave `i think about 4 km'.. we do our own adventure .. without using the main trail to bad i cam out of Memory -_-!%#.. or else i can show you guys.. other hidden chambers.. in the cave.. but you have to get ready to crawl down and get you hand dirty and etc etc etc... or mb next time..

My Visit at LUNDU ~ 26th December 2008

above Gunung Gading

my nephew AL ~ playing with d sand..

if u can see far away that's Pulau Talang-talang "not sure if that right" and the wave.. wow was soo big.. wish i could surf it up.. :)

evening view from our chalets

Saturday, December 27, 2008

27/12/2008 ~ 3rd Day of Christmas

my brothers & sisters.. talking about books they bought from the MV Doulos

just a moment ago/or evening aroung 5.30pm.. my family and i visited the MV DOULOS ~ biggest floating Library in the world.. as this will be the LAST time we all see it.. as they will scraps the ships soon.. :( .. it goes by 4 different names.. "cant remember it" really..

hmmm i'm have to go to bed now.. kinda sleeppy.. from all the activities..
1. stay over nite at LUNDU ~ a resort~ 26-27/12/2008
2. BBQ at my cousin house @ LUNDU ~ yesterday evening..26/12/2008
3. Visiting my sister-in-law house "for Christmas" ~ today
4. Visit the Fairy Cave ~ BAU district~ today
5. Visit the Wind Cave ~ BAU district~ today
6. Visit MV DOULOS ~ Kuching/Pending area ~ today
7. BBQ at my cousin house @ BDC, Stampin Kuching ~ today
8. Now @ home and wanna ZZZzzzzZZZ
GOOD Nite.. will post all the picture taken by tomorrow..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Home ~ Merry Xmas ~ Part II

Merry Christmas!.. Part II ~ that's my Wine Glass :P

Dinning Hall ~ Mess after the last visitors.. :PKitchen also in a mess
After the PARTY hahaha mess!!

Merry Christmas to All

Me & My Sister!!...

Me.. with d PIANO... hahaha.. trying to play Jingle Bells Song!... hahaha :)

hehehe.. hi there... i'm HOME and celebrating Christmas with Family!!... Welcome to the HOUSE.. capture just amoment ago... :)

some busy in the Dapur.. stuffing themselve with food.. hahaha

That's David & Elin came by this afternoon.. around 12nn.. hehehe and Rudy cabut already by this time...

view from the gate.. of D house.. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas Moment

Yes! finally i'll be off for my LONG VACATION ~ Christmas Holiday 2008 ~ today my last day at work.. tomorrow will be on leave till Jan, 5th 2009.. My family and i going to celebrate our 2008 Christmas @ Kuching.. :) wa wa wa wa... i'll be home for Christmas...
But before all this.. i need a turbo to get all my stuff/work completed on time.. Cheque need to be sign.. Payment for consultant..and bla bla bla...
My flight to kuching @ 8.15am via MAS... hehehehe

Monday, December 15, 2008

I need a DOCTOR!!!

I’m not feel that great today (SICK).. my head is spinning and my stomach don’t agree to whatever I ate.. Whatever I choke myself with.. A few second later screaming it way out from my tummy.. :( .. worst day of my life.. Not really.. There’s a few..
oh please oh please.. 10 days b4 Christmas!! save meeeee!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow.. When was this!

That's Joe, Hun & Me.. somewhere in August for the Blood Donation, i think.. at our Development Office..
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In D Mood

HoHoHo.. 11 days.. count down now....... :)
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Countdown 36 Days to Annual Dinner

Hey.. I think I’m gonna spoil the bolt from the blue thingy.. but I can’t help it.. so here a few NOT final backdrops.. for the PUTRAJAYA PERDANA ANNUAL DINNER 2009..

Like 2008 Annual Dinner :) luck me.. I won a lucky draw.. Top 4.. so to say got a brand NEW LAPTOP ~ NEC.. hahaha and then double up the joy I won the BEST DRESS ~-_-~ yeah!!!

Dont ask me why the picture like that.. memang la.. so that SARAH/CIAVIN still in the dark about the design.. hahaha

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas IS NEAR!!!

hmm what can i say.. i'm in HOLIDAY MOOD!!!!! this where aaa... cant remember where...!!
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Friday, December 05, 2008


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Bout a week ago.. we surprise everyone with our FIRE DRILL.. hahaha and you know what.. the Chief ~ Fireman ~ said " I'm Sorry, but all of you are DEAD now" .. i was like WHAT!!!! i manage to empty my section within 3 minute!!!!.. but later on we got to know.. few of outsider.. refuse to evacuate the BUILDING!!.. i saw the last LADY leave the building...

Oh what the HACK.. we are all DEAD~ |-_-|!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Me ~ LOST ~

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U think i really lost meh! hahaha..

Saturday, November 22, 2008


we saw something!!

what can i say..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


2008 almost over.. hehehe there’s 42 days to go… was thinking of what I have achieve/miss/happen in my life so far.. hmm let’s see..

1. Great Job (minus the D head I want to smack)

2. Great BONUS hahaha plus increment (waiting for this year hint~hint~)

3. Found new friends GOOD one.. (namely Au Yeong san, Ciavin san, Sarah san, Rosmizah san, zie, su, lela and many more)

4. Got FREE laptop ~ NEC versa ~ annual dinner 2008 (lucky draw)

5. Family ~ HAPPY 24/7~ love you mom and dad.

6. I got crazy siblings (CRAZY, I don’t mean INSANE) funky, cool, and they ROCK….

7. I’m home ALONE , while they enjoy themselves in LONDON for a MONTH ~ I think~ (this I hate)

8. My grandpa passed away end of april 2008.

9. Few of my friendssss END their Single life (that’s JOE, Chin, & many more).

10. My ½ went to Japan.( all by myself now! BEHAVE yourself OK!)

11. Sometime Au Yeong “pinjam” my LUCKy STAR.. now and then both of us “lost” d lucky star..

12. Waiting .. waiting.. for my SIS to tie-a-knot.. hahahaha

13. Xmas 2008… yeah in KUCHING.. ya bi da bi dooo..

Hmmm… cant think any more… CHEERS! People..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AU YEONG TRIP to Gui Lin ~ China.

Oh My.. hahaha I took the advantage of posting this, Since Au Yeong not Blogging. So here some photo from his trip to Gui Lin ~ China.

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