Sunday, December 17, 2006

5 Day's Before My Holiday

alrite... enough already... i been counting days, hours and seconds.
22nd just 5 days away.. :) am realllllyyy looking forward on that day.

Yesterday.. was my off day... so i took my time to do wat ever i wanna do..

My list

1) Woke up at 7.40 am .. Xcuse me friday nite i slept around 3 am
2) Breakfast at 8.30 am
3) 9am drive to Midvalley with Benny and Juliana (Me Cousinsss)
4) Bought Movie ticket "Eragon" schedule 12.15noon
5) Shopping before Movie (what i bought)
a. 2 shirt (baju kerja bah)
b. a Beg
c. Xmas Present for x,x,x,x,x (someone la)
d. anime CD (shaman King & UFO Baby)
6) Movie timeeeeeeee....
7) Movie end around 2.30pm
8) Shopping Cont...(didn't bought anything)
9) 4pm time to pack and go home
10) But... we melencong to SUNWAY PYRAMID and shopping again..
e. Book (JD Rob - Memory In Death, Born In Death , Potter Book)
f. toys (for me cute nephew)
11) Here.. again shopping for Xmas present ... :P
12) 9pm Dinner at ASIA CAFE ...
13) Homeeeeeeeee........

hahaha there goes my list... hehehe.. penat ooo
oppss... i still in a mission of buying Xmas Presentssss...
i lupa to buy Mark and Leo Xmas present... after this i'm broke

FYI, just a few hours ago i bought a new pair of shoe (for myself) at KLCC

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leo said...

=D since u lupak mine mesti ada special sikit lah hor? =)