Saturday, November 11, 2006

A 10 questions bout Our life!

What do you do if :-

1. You hate your job?
2. You dont love your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend anymore?
3. You dont like your bestfriend anymore?
4. You hate yourself?
5. You stop giving donation to the church?
6. You stop visiting your parents?
7. You dont get the job you want the most?
8. You fall in love with someone husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend?
9. You kil your driving instructor during highway test?
10. You kill someone because YOU drive like mad dog?

Try to answer it.... and good luck...

1 comment:

maslight said...

Lemme be the first one to answer hmmm..lemme think

1. Bitch about it.
2. Move on.
3. Ignore them.
4. Ahhh this happen everyday
5. Er, I donate to the poor.
6. Hahhaha I'm practically living with my parents. *pftttt.
7. *sigh. Life goes on.
8. *sigh. Move on.
9. Wuah siao. Thank gawd didn't have that experience. I dun wanna be a murderer would I?
10. *sigh I do. But not crazy enuff to danger ppl.