Thursday, September 14, 2006

Immerse Yourself in MULU

Dense vegetation cling to every surface.
Steep slopes and vertical cliffs reach summitridges
before dropping to hidden valleys.
Jagged limestone pinnacles, bleached white,
pierce the lush green canopy.
Cave passages wind their way through
The mountains, opening into chambers
so large you are dwarfed to insignificance.



babyphoenix said...

what a nice plc.. u went to mulu recently?

Nicholian Justine said...

yup i did... :)

maslight said...

i only been to niah only hehehehe i wanna go mulu!

pisang said...

nice pictures there...

HI! i'm new in your blog

Celine said...

ko snap kaitu gambar, mister?

AceOne said...

Hihi..I'm a newbie here!!

Mulu caves izzit in Miri??

Nicholian Justine said...

yup mulu > MIRI... :)