Friday, September 08, 2006


I took this out from READER'S DIGEST.

1. Buy an extra book and donate it to your child's classroom,
the local library or a refuge.

2. Next time you're craving something sweet, bake a double batch of

chocolate-chip biscuits and give some to a housebound neighbour or
overworked colleague.

3. Pick up litter on your way to the bus or the train in the morning.

4. Go the extra distance when someone goes out of her wayfor you.

Send a complimentary note to her supervisor, witha copy to the person
who helped you.

5. Next time you're in line at the supermarket with a loaded trolley,

be gracious. Let the person behind you - the one with single item - go
ahead of you.

6. Carry change to feed expired parking meters. (need to revise this -_-! )

7. Donate blood, and give the gift of life.

8. Offer to water the neighbours' plants while they're away on holiday.

9. Praise your children. Try to rise above the inevitable petty conflicts

that litter family life.

10. Be recklessly courteous and wildly polite: hold doors open. Thank

the bus driver, the coffee shop's counter person - all the service people
whose work makes life a little more livable.


maslight said...

seriously justine. those sounded kinda too much for me. I mean ways to be kind. that one like terlampau labah hahahahahah *rofl. *noted: things most people won't do hahahahahahhaha *rofl

ways to be kind. donate to the poor. wait those beggars yang ada tu sana pasar tu doesn't count. hahaha coz once u give like one crowd come to u ahhahahahah

Nicholian Justine said...

hahaha... true true... but last nite i read the whole sotry of be KIND...

90% of it... i dont do... hahaha :P

maslight said...

hahahhaha obviously hahahahaha we do the things which are not that extreme it seems hahahahaha