Thursday, August 10, 2006

BOYs And GIRLs - Best Friend

OK... on this topic.. there's million facts on my head. well during my 8 days vacation..i been thinking... so here we are. by the way thanks to amy..for the idea.

Physically we're not the same.(boy and girl) same goes to mentally, action, emotion and etc..(dont have to elaborate)

It is normal for boys and girls to be attracted or admire one to anothers. we cant fight it..anyway for some reason, some people against the idea of BOY n GIRL being BESTFRIEND.

For those narrow minded, let me point out 1 major fact we are now in the 21st century, wake up!!!!For those born at the year of 1900 to 1950's i dont blame you, because during that era there's limitation of frienship.

I dont see the problem for US male and female to be bestfriend. Some parents against the relationship and my mom fall under same category. i dont blame her. so i give and take. so here some fact pointed out by mom.

1. male and female, dont mix : BEST friend.
2. we some how have feeling toward each other.
3. there's a limitation / borders
4. we will have issues on FEELING ... hmmm ??? falling in love
5. society still on YELLOW light... for pete's sake..wake up

and the list goes on blah!blah!blah!

So here what i think. BESTFRIEND does not limit into same gender, we're all HUMAN am i right. if you dont think so... you must be a DOG! To be or not to be BESTFRIEND that the question! (eleh macam hamlet) Take an example AMY and I.. we been BESTFRIEND for 4 years now (correction 5 years!) of cause in some area we're totally different. i enjoy to be with her (excuse me not 24/7 be with her) we share joke, problem, work load (we work under the same roof) or you can say partner in crime. During 5 years know her, i dont have any issues with her. Her boyfriend and my girlfriend are cool about that. Amy not just bestfriend, more to little sister. And i proud to say that. We hang out till midnite, outing together, having the same hobbies, we exchange knowledge. (thats include CELINE DAYA)

For me, it's all about you as a person not because you're female or male. I dont understand what gender got to do with friendship???. Well of cause boys and girls has differences, no doubt bout that. one way or another some of us (boy & girl) having the same like and dislike.
MUTUAL : respect, interests and understanding.

For us "malaysian" when we saw a boy and a girl walking together, joking, having fun, having dinner or lunch together.. oohh must be couple or lover.. screw *#@%*^ (censor) you. Attraction between each other, that we have to analyze. Between me and my girls bestfriend (i have a few actually) no hanky panky... not that they are ugly or something you got that wrong... duh! some of them.. ehemmm drop dead gorgeous.. and good looking.. man will burn looking at them.. hehehe.. i'm blind if i dont notice this..

My special girlfriend - she never came close to a BESTFRIEND... she only casual friend, knowing her through friend..(you should know what CASUAL friend)..

end part I


maslight said...

dui dui dui..ingatkan sudah ada...rupanya blum

Nicholian Justine said...

hahahaha... relaks geng... pending bah tuuu

babyphoenix said...

ui, friday suda limpas la geng... mana tu post??

Nicholian Justine said...

kijap geng... tgh mengEDIT tis... :P

Enaidyl said...

You're so right. Wish I can take out my light saber out of nowhere and chop those "close-minded" people's heads off.

Having the same prob too.

For us girls, the other $#@# girls would say, "Eee ... gatal! Kawan ngan laki!". I wish I have my OWN light saber, seriously. And my guy friends could turn into some jerks too. Some of them, as soon after hearing this comment, they would distant themselves away from me and leave me feeling like a dolt. What the hell. JERKS!!!

I hate this hypocritical society, hate it.

leosondek so ENG said...


maslight said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh ada post sudah. Oooo the guy and gal issue. *hiks~

Well, I can agree with your post. Even sometimes my parents will think different if I came close with some of my guy frens. Like saying "r u guys dating?" or something like that. *pfttt~~ common.

sometimes they can be best friends. like me and acing. ohh i mean rob-jr. best friends. hehe~ :D come to think of it, i got more guy frens than girl frens hahahah...

Noted: I have no interest in my best friends hahahhahahahah *rofl~ If I do, then it won't be best la hahahah for me that is hahahah

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha.. an interesting insight ... (psst, i add my comment here coz ada nama sya juga kana tulis...)

hehehe.. Guy-gal best friends, I memang agree, but our society still cant accept it 100%.. I really hate when watching esp Malay Reality Show (AF), when the students were close, sudah kana kasih kawan2... boring!! Durang tuh teda idea lain..

Sometimes its good to talk to a guy about certain problems becoz they can be less bitchy about it.. (Snap it out, ladies.. dont be overly sensitive here).. Most guys that I know do not use my stories against me... I said most guys okay.. some guys tu, ada juga la.. kekeke..

okies! tada!