Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I woke up at 6.15am this morning. and ready for work. damn early!!By 7.50am i already "lepaking" at mamak stall near KLCC.. breakfast..Good GOD... it will be a very very long day.. HAZE killing me softly..i read The STAR - read bout OUR malaysian PM and few COMPLAINT and COMPLIMENT on AIRASIA AND MALAYSIAN AIRLINE.. duhAnd i wonder WHY????

The route on the new air service provider and also the $$$ for each destination. pop a question in my head.WHY DAMN EXPENSIVE then Malaysian Airline?? what i heard before this, they said will keep the price as normal (same as previous fare provided by MAS) Bloody hell...

MIRI-LIMBANG and LIMBANG-MIRI route use to be RM45.00++ for twin-otter

and RM68++ for fokker, and now the fare SKY-HIGH. >:
Dont tell me because OIL price.. what i know about this new service provider
: sub-con from AIR ASIA..
hmmm sure services level hope the same standard as MAS.

If you read today paper THE STAR under star BIZ.. i agree with the point, pointed out by the writer. for some people this is not a big deal.. butfor me(frequent flyer).. there's an issues.. I KEEP this ISSUE OPEN and will follow up time to time :)

p/s: disagree with me... too bad this is my blog. create your own. :P


maslight said...

hehehe i wake up earlier than u these days :P oooooooooooo MAS price go up. by 15%

damne ex siao one

Nicholian Justine said...

hahaha... really... yalor 15% ok la MAS... service OK... but airasia.. damn always delay one... and always kasi penalty ppl...

PuSSy N FriendS said...

hahahha this is really good:p/s: disagree with me... too bad this is my blog. create your own. :P keep it up.