Sunday, July 23, 2006

BeiNG MaLaYsIaN.

What can i say about it. Now, malaysia rated as 3rd most rude country in the WORLD! Like it or not, i have to check on the POSTIVE(+) and NEGATIVE(-) over this survey.

Ok, wanna talk being MALAYSIAN. huh! :)Love this nation very much because, all people from different background able to stay under ONE ROOF,NO matter what skin colour we had. We still remember our background "feet on the ground". From KAMPUNG or BANDAR (village people or cities)during holiday seasons, all malaysian HEAD back to KAMPUNG, to celebrate the festive seasons. Most of malaysian don't send their parents to RUMAH ORANG TUA "OLDFOLK HOMES",we're not KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT (ungrateful family).Do we complaint much? Perhaps on certain issue, but most we ZIPss it. As matter a fact, I'm one of the person complaint the most. But later i found out other's who complaint 24/7, over stupid mistake created by themselves. Go Figure!

Now let me tell you something happen to me make me agree with the survey. Like it or not here I COME!

Happen to my family (does that count ME too! :P ) during our trip to WEST Malaysia. Cuti-cuti malaysia "HOLIDAY-HOLIDAY MALAYSIA" hahahaha. What for being malaysian if you never travel within your country. Shame on you if you didn't!.. Instead taking flight we decided on BUS at PUTRA BUS TERMINAL (somewhere in KL city) Here the nightmare begun. First being malaysian i greet the ticketing clerk, no reply.. Ok than i move on by asking her i would like to buy a ticket for 6's to terengganu. And i got the reply " No More ticket, go to other counter " the lady shouting as if i'm completely lacking in the sense of hearing. With respect i move on to the next counter, maybe not a good day for her. For your informationthere's no NOTICE BOARD telling us "SOLD OUT".. Duh! So i ask the next counter, asking the same question. And do you know the reply i get. "We're selling ticket here what! why asking?, if want to buy, buy la!" (note: Malaylish " The Malaysian English"). What a day! i turn away from the counter, but i gave a word to her, " Miss if you hate so much the job given to you, pls give it to someone else. Or else please show some respect". So i went up to the management counter and log a complaint. I went to other counter and bought 6 bus tickets But the story doesn't end there. Our bus scheduled at 10pm, the following day. Got confuse by the ticket "printed destination : TANJUNG". I call up the bus operator, asking why the ticket printed Kuala not Terengganu. And the Operator kindly explain TANJUNG is in TERENGGANU itself, so i take in.

Time showing 9.50pm and still waiting for the bus. And funny thing happen, clueless a Question pop up into my mind, WHERE should we wait for the bus?. So my sister and i went up to the information counter and they said just wait for it. On the tickets printed only seat number, destination, time and a number 40. A young gentleman standing next to me, and i saw a number 40 on his ticket. I think he know that i'm trying to figure out. And he explain to me, and number 40 represent the BUS number duh! Stupid me..

The trip was OK, just forget about HOW FAST the bus travel..i think must be 120KM/hour....
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maslight said...

I dun wanna point out your errors coz I know I'll make the same mistake later on. So better keep quiet. Asal se paham sudah!

Anyways, I totally agree about some Malaysians being rude. Which I think is uncivilized. Sometimes I think they might have a bad life or they just like to complain over small little things about nothing eventually. Or maybe they're lack of love hahahahha *rofl kidding

Though, I gotta say, not all Malaysians are like that. Some do have their politeness like us and some do open doors for others. Not like some.

Experience I had. Umm lemme see, people mo limpas but x pandai say excuse me. (*spits on them). I normally call them "uncivilized" on the spot. Or maybe I'll say "Oi, teda aturan ka?" hahahahaha shite I'm sick I know. But they're being rude.

In your case, hmm, obviously, they're stressed out about their job or maybe pms or maybe baru kana marah hahahahaha *rofl

Anyways, glad you started blogging :D

babyphoenix said...

wow... very 1st long entry...
yeah true, NOT all malaysian are polite.. some are down right RUDE! TOO many experiences already, but we cant deny that there are some polites ones..

continue to blog more bout ur trip :D show some pics too alrite justine..

leosondek said...


link my blog oso bah ... =)

Joan D'Arcy said...

burp! excuse me! hehehe...
bah, visit

Pasal being Malaysian.. me no komen! I am happy asalkan selamat.. u know, minus the pilaks around!

maslight said...

hahahaha pilaks...ohohoho. it's everywhere!! :P *hiks~

am really sorry about the long comment hahahaha..i get er over excited sometimes hahahaha