Saturday, July 29, 2006


Around 6.00am, my family and i safely arrived at TANJUNG a.k.a Terangganu, and the funny thing is we cant CHECK-IN to the HOTEL room because it wasn't 12nn. "Stupid rules made by stupid people"
I was like "huh! is this a joke or something!", come on i'm so damn sleepy and also my families. i even beg the receptionist to let us in since, we booked the hotel room. The ANSWER is NO. So my sister said here we go again.Never in my life encounter such thing, Imagine this if you happen to arrived at that particular place at 3am, are you going to wait till next day at noon to check-in.
The receptionist offer to put our luggage at the cleaner room. And we have to hang around till noon, OH MY GOD!!! i can remember i was cursing why this happen. At that moment i told my sister that we better pack and get out from this place. Being a cool sister and she manage to cool me off. So we ate breakfast next to junior school. And it still 7.30am, so i look around snaping a pictures. So we walk around the TOWN, from one end to the other.
(FYI:AMY & MASTURA & CELINE - macam "PAPAR" bah tempat dia).
My sister Geraldine, she been here before "OFFICIAL TRIPS" So she suggested for us to visit this "PASAR PAYANG" - this is HEAVAN for TERANGGANU BATIK. By 8.30am only a few stalls open, so we walk around till all the stalls OPEN for business. Within 4 hours, i think my dad and my mom spend more than RM500.00 and thats not include two of my sister And later that afternoon the spending MORE $$$$$. Meanwhile..LEO and I suffer from the dust sickness.. for those doesn't know personally, most of my family members HAVING ISSUE with DUST in other word "SENSITIVE"..
PASAR PAYANG has more than 100 stalls selling BATIK, Handmade craft from bamboo, iron, bronze etc.. for once this trip worth for what we paid for. BUT still sleppy and Exhausted from the bus ride, my soul shouting for help... so it almost noon, and the weather is killing me softly :) We took "BECA" (English : tricycle) i'm not so sure about the English version for it. hmm still clueless.. any way

And the back to the hotel, again we have to wait for the room.. after 30mins.. at last HEAVAN.. after taking my bath.. everyone in a slumber land.. around 4.30pm most of up woke up. And at this point LEO suffer from serious dust exposure at PASAR PAYANG.So after refresh and poor leo sneezing almost 30 second and my sister Cottila-marie having fever. hahahaha what a day.!!

So Next mission possible!! there's a carnival somewhere the beach area. We so busybody.. and check things out. God! carnival should be loud and busy.. but this *tsk*tsk, dun knoe what the purpose of this carnival. After a while my parent and my sisters continue their advanture of BATIK search and as for leo and i.. we just take our time at the beach area and snapping some pictures. after an hour or so we left and heading to PASAR PAYANG again. But This time both of us just LEPAK "hang around" outside and enjoy the evening view of TERANGGANU.

Around 7.30pm we heading back to the hotel and ready for DINNER.
At 8.30pm after we take shower we had out dinner at the hotel restaurant. Dinner just SO-SO.. :P then back to the room and watch TV and ZZzzzzZZZZ.

At 7.00am woke up and breakfast and FAREWELL TERANGGANU.
FYI : i slept all the way to KL :P , but this time we use different BUS... more cosy...
FYI : not all the way KL actually la.. we had our LUNCH and one of the REST area, location ????

END next trip PANGKOR ISLAND......


leosondek said...

if i ever go to terengganu ever again pasar payang is the last place i will go ..
make my nose run 192km/h

maslight said...

no offence to ppl from there but i've been to terengganu before. stayed somewhere at some resort near some kampung area? oooooooooooooo lotsa durians and keropok leko! serious shite. that was way back. but never been to pasar payang or i have that i couldn't remember. the only thing i could remember clearly is taking the bus to the town area and there's only one so called "mall"? heheheheheh :D

oh and yes, waited till noon for hotel before. *sickening isn't it?

noted: somebody please develop that area?

Lydiane said...

"Beca" is trishaw in English, my dear darling Uncle. =P

Nicholian Justine said...

thanks sweet heart.. English bit rusty should i say